Frequently Asked Question About Palenge (Online Shops Platform)

1. What does Palenge do?

Palenge is one stop solution for e-commerce and digital marketing that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

2. How do I install Palenge?

Palenge is web based ecommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems. We host Palenge so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers.

3. Can I use my own domain name with Palenge?

Yes, depending on the plan you choose.

Palenge supports both domains (example: yourshop.com) and sub-domains (example: shop.yourbusiness.com).

Palenge also provides sub-domains on it's own domains, example: yourshop.palenge.com.

4. Do I need to be a designer/programmer to change my shop design?

Not at all! Palenge comes packed with a lot of beautiful pre‐designed templates that you can apply to your ecommerce shop. New designs are added all the time so you can always keep your online store looking attractive! You can customize the look of your store with a graphical interface that is easy to use.

5. Where can I find tutorials and guides?

Palenge has a Manual where you can find detailed tutorials and guides for your ecommerce website. The content found in the Palenge Manual is a collaborative effort between the Palenge development team and users like you. The Palenge Support Center has more technical customization tutorials available.

6. What I need to do when I get an order?

After you get a new order notification by email you would log in to your Shop Manager and check out the details screen for that order. If you need to get more information from your customer, you can send them an email or contact them on phone. Then package up the order, send it to the shipping address provided, then mark the order as shipped within Palenge to keep track of things. If your payment processor is set up to separately authorize and then capture funds, you have control over how much money is transferred after the order is placed and you can follow best online business practices by only completing the transaction when you ship the order.

7. How much does Palenge Online Shop cost?

Palenge shops are available at various subscription plans to suit your business needs. Plans start from Rs. 1499/- per month. For details visit Palenge Shops - Pricing page.

8. What is a merchant account?

Every payment made with a credit card involves the transfer of funds to a merchant account, which a merchant (that is you) holds directly with a bank. The merchant has full responsibility for the transactions that occur with their account, and each bank has its own terms of service to which account‐holders must adhere. If you want to accept credit card payments through your Palenge store, you will need either a merchant account of your own or the services of a third‐party payment processor like PayPal , CC Avenue.

9. What is a payment gateway?

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Often, a merchant account and payment gateway are set up in one process through the same company. There are several companies which provide payment gateway integration like PayPal, Pay U, and Avenues India etc.

10. How does online payment work?

When a customer chooses to make a payment using online methods, s/he is redirected to the Payment Gateway that you have configured for your shop. The customer then completes payment on the Payment Gateway's secured portal and is then redirected back to your shop. When the payment is complete, it is transferred to your Merchant account by the Payment Gateway provider.

11. Can I also accept offline payments or Cash on Delivery?

Yes. Palenge shops support various modes of payments that you can configure to suit your business needs.

12. Can I run special promotions with code inserts?

Yes, we can advise on various approaches to marketing.

13. Can I build my new e-commerce site while my other website is still live?

Yes. You can use one of our sub-domains while you are building your new website. When you are ready to switch to your new online store, you simply change your DNS settings to point your existing domain name to your new site.

14. How will potential shoppers find my online store?

Every day millions of people are searching on the Internet for the things you are selling. We can help get your product listings into the top results of search engines like Google® and Yahoo®. Your Palenge Shop comes with strong inbuilt SEO features. Your shop also has it's own sitemap.xml and robots.txt with real time updates.

15. Are there any system requirements?

To access your Shop Manager (control panel), you only need Internet access and a modern browser. The newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer are recommended.

16. Is there a limit to the number of categories or products?

The limits are for fair usage and depends on your subscription plan.

17. Is there a quick-buy feature or do customer need to register?

With our cart, you have complete control over how the customer purchases your products. You can enable Guest Checkouts (without registration) or require them to register before they can checkout. The choice is yours.

18. Does the cart generate any reports?

Yes, the cart will generate many different reports related to sales and traffic. Additionally it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide you even greater insight into the buying habits of your customers.

19. Can I get someone else to take care of shipping?

Yes! Palenge integrates with e-commerce fulfillment services just as with payment gateways.

20. How do I get billed?

Your e-commerce website is invoiced for an annual plan. We’ll send you an email notification with a link to an invoice listing any fees incurred for that billing period.

21. How secure is my data related to orders and customers?

No one, except you or your teams with access to the control panel have the right to access this data. Our cloud based platform offers an exceptionally strong set of data security measures that are often more wide-ranging than what a customer could guarantee if the application was located on-premise.

22. How do I cancel an order?

In the Shop Manager, open order details and click on the 'Cancel Order' button.

23. How do I view products in a certain category?

The is a separate Category management module in the Shop Manager. Go to the Categories tab in Shop Manager and select the category you want to lookup products for, it will list all products which belong to the selected category.

24. Can I add HTML customization to my product description?

Your Product Description section allows you to add HTML formatting to your product descriptions apart from plain text. This means, you can also embed additional HTML elements like YouTube videos, etc to your product description.

25. Can my customers add products to their cart without seeing the product description?

Yes, the Quick Add to Cart option allows your customers to add your products to their shopping cart without having to open the product description page. However, this feature depends on the Theme / Template selected.

26. How can I make a certain product available in my stock or mark out of stock?

In your Shop Manager, select the Product that your want to modify and change the stock availability.

26. Can my customers zoom-in to my product images?

Zoom-in for product images are available by default. The zoom-in is visible when a customer hovers on the product image or clicks on it. This feature varies by theme.

27. Is it possible to move multiple products to a different category/sub-category?

Yes, you can move multiple products in bulk. In the Shop Manager, go to Categories section, select a category and then assign products.

28. I sell gifting products and for most of my customers the billing address will be different from the delivery address. Is this possible?

Yes, the billing address and the delivery address can be different. The customer will enter these details in the Shipping / Billing Details Page of the checkout process on your store.

29. I already have CC Avenue Account. How to integrate the same with my Palenge Store?

In the Shop Manager, go to Applications section and install CC Avenue Payments app, on the application settings page, configure your CC Avenue Merchant ID and other details.

30. How will I be able to manage my orders?

In Shop Manger, go to Orders section, it lists all new orders. You have the option to open order details and mark a received order as in process, dispatched or delivered, and even cancel the order.